Inside open inside window: the so-called inside open window, just like ordinary inner flat open window, flat open to the interior, but also can be inside down, that is, the part of the window is not moved and the upper part is inclined to the interior. Consumers often ask us some questions. For example, "is it very important to open interior windows to occupy indoor space?" And so on, and so on.

Misunderstanding one: it will affect indoor space

The main functions of windows are lighting and ventilation. For windows with internal and internal windows, ventilation functions can be achieved only if the windows are in the "inside down" state. As the window is inverted, the upper part of the window window is only 10 centimeters from the window frame. On the one hand, the window fan is installed in the hole in the wall. On the other hand, the curtain track distance is also a few centimeters or even more than ten centimeters distance, so the window is open and the window is open, it does not affect the use of the curtain completely. At the same time, because the window is opened inside, it also avoids the possibility of fighting with cupboards, faucets, wardrobes, furniture and so on.

Misunderstanding two: it will affect ventilation

When the window is opened, the indoor air can not only be naturally ventilated, but the most important thing is that the air enters the room from the window and side, and it will not blow directly to the human body. Especially when the temperature difference is large indoors and outside, it can greatly reduce the risk of the cold feeling of the people because of the direct blowing. In particular, the high-rise apartment or the open villa community, the spring and autumn day wind is very large, and the window inverted state completely makes the indoor and outdoor air exchange smooth, comfortable and soft.

Misunderstanding three: it will affect the lighting

The performance of window lighting depends on the transmittance of glass. For window lighting requirements, whether the windows are inside, inside, or closed, the light can go through the glass unimpeded through the glass, so the inside window is fully satisfied for the functional requirement of the lighting.




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